Through the years personal safety obtained a lot of attention. The disaster in 2005 at the Texas City Refinery learned that for avoiding this type of catastrophic incidents, another approach is necessary: Process Safety! That is the management of processes with hazardous chemicals. The aim of this conference is to strengthen the process safety culture by networking and by sharing knowledge. During the year the individual companies are strongly internally focussed, while learning together speeds-up the process. To do so, world class speakers and interesting topics are selected to share experience and learnings. Further a network forum supports the knowledge exchange at individual level. The process safety conference is aimed at the technical safety specialists, managers and inspectors that are related to companies that are dealing with hazardous chemical processes.


Medewerkers van bedrijven met risico’s voor zware ongevallen, denk aan chemicaliën en energie: managers en professionals vanuit proces technologie, EHS, productie, onderhoud en inspectie

Toeleveranciers aan de proces industrie: medewerkers van engineering bureaus, consultants, technische dienstverlening, equipment leveranciers, verzekeraars, contractoren

Inspectie diensten: managers en inspecteurs van controlerende instanties vanuit de overheid (i-SZW, ILT, DCMR), dienstverlenende inspecteurs (ISO, Lloyds etc.)

Medewerkers van universiteiten en kennis instellingen (TU, TNO, Deltalinqs etc.)